Friday, September 2, 2011

Cape Town is Really safe for Women Travellers

Cape Town is a really safe place for women to travel around in. In fact, it’s a gal- friendly city. A good tip for accommodation is to stay in one of the many wonderful Guest houses and B and B’s we have all around the Peninsula. There’s a friendly family atmosphere and it’s often more cost- effective than staying in a hotel. (Or you can stay in my cottage, on my family property..very safe)Join one of the many tour operators who have daily tours around Cape Town and the Winelands. Cape Town Tourism have a walking tour of the City every day that you can join. At night you have to take a little more care, just like in any other big city. Your best bet, ask the LOCALS (like ME…born and bred Capetonian..tour guide for 10 years). Their knowledge is always the most valuable. Want to know more?? Email me for plenty tips.. .


  1. Thanks for the information! I am looking to travel to Cape Town. When I first heard about the drought in cape town I didn't want to go anymore! But now since that has died-down, I am ready to go!

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