Friday, March 16, 2012

Young White Lions a Delight to Behold

These two young white lion siblings are sleeping in the shade during the heat of the day at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve in the Little Karoo. Their whiteness does not mean they are albinos, but happens due to a recessive gene.   

Spoons for School Feeding

On a recent visit to Siyabulela Primary school in Langa, we discovered that many of the 700 pupils who go to that school depend on the one meal a day they get at school. It is lovingly prepared by the ladies in this photo. The pupils eat in relays of 10 minutes with no dining room or chairs to sit on. Sadly, their budget does not stretch to include spoons for the learners to use. Some of our kind visitors from Canada donated 80 spoons so that there would be enough for each relay. In this pic, the ladies who cook the 700 plus meals per day are showing how happy they are to have received some new SPOONS!