Sunday, November 13, 2011

Walking on Ostrich Egg Shells

Actually it's fine to stand on ostrich eggs as the shells are 2-3 mm thick and they are really large.(equal to 24 hens eggs!)
These are unfertilised eggs, so not to worry - Ma and Pa ostrich were concentrating on looking after the fertilised eggs. Though ostriches are such tough creatures as adults, their babies are very sensitive in the wild up to the age of three months. So, in ostrich farming, the eggs get taken away, hatched in incubators and the chicks get reared away from their parents, in a sheltered environment.

Ostriches Can Swallow Stones

Ostriches have incredibly elastic necks so they can swallow stones. Ricardo is demonstrating this at Safari Ostrich Farm in Oudtshoorn by pulling forward the gullet of Sakkie, the kissable flightless wonder bird. Eating stones helps them digest their food which is mostly lucern pellets but can sometimes include interesting items like nuts, bolts and pieces of plastic.
Ostriches are truly fascinating creatures!