Sunday, November 13, 2011

Walking on Ostrich Egg Shells

Actually it's fine to stand on ostrich eggs as the shells are 2-3 mm thick and they are really large.(equal to 24 hens eggs!)
These are unfertilised eggs, so not to worry - Ma and Pa ostrich were concentrating on looking after the fertilised eggs. Though ostriches are such tough creatures as adults, their babies are very sensitive in the wild up to the age of three months. So, in ostrich farming, the eggs get taken away, hatched in incubators and the chicks get reared away from their parents, in a sheltered environment.

Ostriches Can Swallow Stones

Ostriches have incredibly elastic necks so they can swallow stones. Ricardo is demonstrating this at Safari Ostrich Farm in Oudtshoorn by pulling forward the gullet of Sakkie, the kissable flightless wonder bird. Eating stones helps them digest their food which is mostly lucern pellets but can sometimes include interesting items like nuts, bolts and pieces of plastic.
Ostriches are truly fascinating creatures!

Friday, October 7, 2011


But they do not prey on humans. They sample bite .

The recent Shark attack in Fish Hoek in which a swimmer lost his leg, has highlighted the need to observe the rules and in so doing, remain safe.

The gentleman who was bitten did NOT follow the rules. He ignored all the warning systems and swam in the sea. No one else was swimming in the sea at the time and no one else got bitten.

Our Shark Spotters are doing a great job. If you’re coming to the Cape on holiday, enjoy our beaches and seas. Follow the rules, so these beautiful creatures do not get more bad press!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Nice ne in Knysna

A trip to Featherbed Nature Reserve on the Knysna Lagoon is always great; stunning views, beautiful nature, a breathtaking hike and a delicious lunch under milkwood trees.
Many a boat has gone down in the treacherous Heads, but this catamaran did not venture that far, instead rocked on the Featherbed...    

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cape Town Summer is around the corner

The whales are here and the Proteas are in full blossom. Glorious weather for being outdoors!
We are already  welcoming many visitors to our shores!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Cape Town is Really safe for Women Travellers

Cape Town is a really safe place for women to travel around in. In fact, it’s a gal- friendly city. A good tip for accommodation is to stay in one of the many wonderful Guest houses and B and B’s we have all around the Peninsula. There’s a friendly family atmosphere and it’s often more cost- effective than staying in a hotel. (Or you can stay in my cottage, on my family property..very safe)Join one of the many tour operators who have daily tours around Cape Town and the Winelands. Cape Town Tourism have a walking tour of the City every day that you can join. At night you have to take a little more care, just like in any other big city. Your best bet, ask the LOCALS (like ME…born and bred Capetonian..tour guide for 10 years). Their knowledge is always the most valuable. Want to know more?? Email me for plenty tips.. .

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kalahari Safari

We offer a safari experience with a big difference to the semi-arid northern regions of South Africa. It used to be called the Kalahari Gemsbok Park because these magnificent creatures abound.

As the area consists mostly of dry river beds covered in grass, it is open and the game is easy to see when animals come to drink at the water holes.
On a recent tour there, we had wonderful cat sightings, especially of cheetah. These endangered creatures love the open spaces as it is easier for them to hunt there. We were lucky enough to see a cheetah mum with 4 cubs making a hunting attempt. We also enjoyed daily visits to a hyena den where 2 pups, 3 adults and a juvenile were living. There were lions, including a mating pair and plenty of jackals who seem to be active day and night.
At the very end, just as we were about to leave the Park, we saw a leopard mum with 2 cubs, playing in and around an Acacia tree. That was something special!

Accommodation in the Wilderness Camps is in very roomy safari tents built on a deck with great views over the river bed, the trekking route of all the game in the park.

Ask about this tour, it is something so worthwhile and unique.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Xhosa Women delight in Traditional Dress

On a recent township tour, we were entertained by a group of wonderful Xhosa women, in the traditional dress of their culture. They sang and danced for us. They are highly respected elders in their society, whose duty it is to hand down stories in the oral tradition which will be lost without the likes of them.
They have taken much pride in making their colourful traditional costumes. Especially lovely is the beautiful embroidered beadwork.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

One of Cape Town's Most Interesting Ship Wrecks

Not far off the well beaten tourist track in the Cape Point National Park, is an easy and picturesque walk to the wreck of the SS Thomas T Tucker. The American Liberty ship, ran aground in thick fog in 1942, while hugging the coastline and trying to avoid the German U boats patrolling the South African coast.
I undertook this walk with a group of American tourists who wanted to see some of the many ship wrecks that lie around the Cape Peninsula.To get to the wreck, we enjoyed a tranquil walk through fynbos, along a deserted beach to see her interesting rusted hulk still relatively well preserved.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Leafless Veld Flower

An unusual flower blooming near Cape Town at the moment, the April Fool. It has no leaves and is inviting insects to come and pollinate it in the Autumn so that it does not have to compete with lots of other plants in the spring.
It's vibrant red colour stands out strongly in its sandy surroundings, these lovely flowers we saw in Hermanus.

Climbing a Lighthouse

We went on a tour of shipwrecks and lighthouses in Cape Town, including this one, Slangkop in Kommetjie, our tallest lighthouse. It is on the way to Cape Point and well worth a visit. It is one of the few "manned" or "personed" light houses in the world and Peter the lighthouse keeper will allow you on a tour. We were lucky enough to go inside and climb the many flights of steps, right to the top.From there are stunning views of Hout Bay and the back of Table Mountain. Well worth a visit!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hiking in Hout Bay

We have done some stunning hikes in Hout Bay, one of the most beautiful corners of the Cape Peninsula. Lovely views of the Sea and Mountains!
These pics are taken on a hike to the top of Chapmans Peak, way above the Drive!