Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kalahari Safari

We offer a safari experience with a big difference to the semi-arid northern regions of South Africa. It used to be called the Kalahari Gemsbok Park because these magnificent creatures abound.

As the area consists mostly of dry river beds covered in grass, it is open and the game is easy to see when animals come to drink at the water holes.
On a recent tour there, we had wonderful cat sightings, especially of cheetah. These endangered creatures love the open spaces as it is easier for them to hunt there. We were lucky enough to see a cheetah mum with 4 cubs making a hunting attempt. We also enjoyed daily visits to a hyena den where 2 pups, 3 adults and a juvenile were living. There were lions, including a mating pair and plenty of jackals who seem to be active day and night.
At the very end, just as we were about to leave the Park, we saw a leopard mum with 2 cubs, playing in and around an Acacia tree. That was something special!

Accommodation in the Wilderness Camps is in very roomy safari tents built on a deck with great views over the river bed, the trekking route of all the game in the park.

Ask about this tour, it is something so worthwhile and unique.

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